Reshaping Medication Adherence in UAE

Healthcare Providers

Empower chronic condition patients to manage their health through medication adherence, while reducing avoidable readmission.

MDBX is a first-of-its-kind solution merging digital pharmacy with medication management, supporting healthcare providers in managing the 2M+ patients suffering with chronic diseases.

Unrivaled convenience for members

Your chronic condition patients receive packaged, consolidated and pharmacist verified medications right to their doorstep. No more contraindication errors.

The most intuitive medication management solution

MDBX empowers patients to manage their disease effectively. Track, monitor, remind and report on adherence intelligence to providers for unmatched insights and visibility into patient behavior post discharge.

Value to Payors

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Reduction in unplanned patient readmission

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Increased therapeutic treatment efficacy

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Improvement in member medication adherence

What to expect

  • Patient driven medication management, engagement and experience
  • Accurate, real time medication adherence intelligence
  • Reduce preventable and costly readmissions
  • Licensed pharmacist support for following your care plan
  • Increase JAWDA scores
  • Immediately identify high risk members and prioritize intervention
  • Optimization of resources and data driven spend management
  • Complete patient medication history so clinicians can make informed treatment decisions
I had thought that I was missing 2-3 doses a month, but after using MDBX, I discovered I was actually missing 5-6 a week! MDBX made it so easy to follow my med schedule faultlessly

It's time to get empowered

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