Simplifying Medications

Simplifying chronic disease.

MDBX empowers patients stay connected to their physicians and families, track their progress, and help them live healthier lives.

MDBX is a first-of-its-kind solution merging smart pharmacy in the UAE with digital chronic disease management, supporting healthcare providers in managing the 2M+ patients suffering from chronic diseases.

MDBX Smart Pharmacy

Your UAE online pharmacy at your fingertips

We work with patients’ doctors to organize, consolidate and package their medications and deliver them on time every month.

MDBX Digital Platform

Track with the app

Our easy-to-use mobile app helps patients track adherence, offers reminders, manages appointments and refills, and allows physicians to know how they’re doing.

Stay connected

Patients stay on track thanks to a community of people who share their journey. Friends and family keep them accountable.


MDBX means better patient outcomes. How?

For Healthcare Providers

  • Extend patient support to post-discharge and between appointments with a branded solution
  • Optimise patient outcomes even after they’ve left the building, without adding capex or opex

For Insurance Providers

  • Support patients in following medication regimes
  • Eliminate the cost of errors
  • Significantly reduced the cost of care

For Patients

  • Eliminate pharmacy visits and errors
  • Complex medication regimes made simple
  • Patients, families, pharmacists and physicians stay connected

It's time to get empowered

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